Adventureland is usually my first stop when going into the park and its my 2nd favorite land. I love being there, it really feels like I’ve stepped into a foreign land because ambience and scenery are the best in the park.

My favorite ride is the Jungle Cruise, its cool and relaxing, especially at night. Sometimes the skippers can be repetitive and corny, but I love it when they come up with new jokes. The Tiki Room is another place I like to visit to cool down and sip on a Dole Whip Float.

The only food available other than the fruit stand is the Bengal BBQ, I’ve eaten there once and It was good but for me, I feel like you’re not given enough food for the price and there isn’t a lot of seating either.

My bonus for this land is my appt with the good “doctor” Shrunken Ned.


I try to visit him every time I go to the park. I love to interact with him, and seeing people playing with him after I leave makes me happy because I don’t think many people know what he does, but I could be wrong.