Restaurant Mission…?

While on my computer at lunch today I was talking on the phone with my Bestie Marie, and the subject of Disneyland restaurants came up.  
I mentioned to her that we should try a new restaurant every time we go.  We do tend to stick with the same ones because well duh, we like them!  Last July we ate at the “Rancho de Zocalo Restaurante” and “Ariel’s Grotto”, which were both very yummy! 
We both went on The Mouse For and looked up all the restaurants and found quite a few restaurants that we’ve never eaten at or somehow in many times we’ve been there, we’ve never seen! It’s Crazy! 
So we decided that everytime we go we’re going to eat somewhere new.  All this restaurant business made me create a cute rating system and I will start writing reviews for the different restaurants and dishes I eat at the park!  Eep! I can’t wait to go back! X)


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