My Mickeydoki…

Today while searching around for purses a few days ago (another obsession of mine) I searched for Disney Purses and saw a post about the Mickeydoki’s that were sold at Disneyland years ago.  I remembered DUH I have one and a wallet.  I tried to see if the other three purses were for sale anywhere but no luck.  I would really like to find the large purse, but I probably never will.  I remember seeing these on ebay a while ago for major $$.  I was tempted to sell mine but I’m glad I didn’t cause it seems there are lot of people looking for them and they’re no where to be found.  I’m so glad I bought mine, and the wallet!  I think I will use this purse now..:D

The little mickey pin I got for a trade and put it on there, thought it was a cute lil addition 😀



One thought on “My Mickeydoki…

  1. I have one of the larger purses, just saw one online for $350 or best offer and my mom has been using the wallet for many years.

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