MISSION Pixar @ the Oakland Museum

I would of posted about this the night I got back but the day before (sat) my computer went defunct on me and I had to take it into the Dr and get it fixed, and I was also feeling sick..and got worse as these past 4 days went by.

Since Saturday I’ve been home (cept for 3.5 hours on Sunday to see the Pixar thing which my mom keeps complaining that I “shouldn’t of went” but whatever. lol)  sick with walking or maybe just plain Pneumonia.  This has been the worst I have ever gotten it… EVER.  I haven’t been to work these last three days and have only been out of my house twice to go to MY doctor and today go pick up my computer because I couldn’t take being without it anymore.

So now I’m finally feeling well enough to sit up, walk around and do stuff, and I couldn’t wait to post about going to see the Pixar exhibit!

I REALLY wish I could of taken pictures, cause there was so much it’s hard to describe, and well I also wasn’t feeling too good and had a foggy mind.  But it was amazing there were so many variations of each of the characters, sculptures, videos, fire extinguishers had a lil Jack Jack above them, there was a room with the toy story zoetrope, another room where you can sit and watch some pixar shorts, and a small movie theater where you can watch different artscapes from the movies.

It was very cool and I’m glad I went with my cousins and their kids. The only pictures I could get was the outside of the door way and the picture outside the museum. 😦  Which I will post later…  Maybe I will go find the video of the Toy Story zoetrope I got from disneyland and post it too.


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