Mission San Francisco Disney Store



Today is the my best friend and I hang out for our annual Besties Christmas.  Every year we get together the week before Christmas and have dinner, exchange gifts and go to a movie.  This year is a little different… we were going to go to Dickens Fair but instead we’re going to go eat at our favorite restaurant, Mexicali Rose, hangout in San Francisco, then go to my Company Christmas dinner.  So I asked my best friend that since we’re in S.F. let’s check out the new Disney Store while were there.  She grumbled and agreed ^u^!  I love how she acts like she doesn’t love Disney like I do…tsk!  Stop denying your veins Bestie!!!!  I will post more while I’m out in S.F….

Update: here are some pics! Just a couple of things I thought was cool…


One thought on “Mission San Francisco Disney Store

  1. Yes yes, I love Disney okaaaaaay? I still have to give you a hard time about these things, or you’ll get out of control…and you know it. eue

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