I was TANGLED today…

Today my brother and I went to see Tangled.  I loved it! (duh!)  I thought she was so cute with her large front teeth.  I did squirt out a few tears a couple of times.  Flynn I think so far is the most handsome Prince…well second to Philip XD, and I love Pasqual…SO. CUTE!  I can’t wait for this to come out on dvd, and also I can’t wait to meet the Princess in Disneyland in two months!  Woo!

Yes I will be going to my zen garden in February to celebrate my brother’s 22 birthday.  He really wants to go and who am I to say no to someone who want’s to go to Disney?!  The only thing that’s gonna suck is that my Bestie will not be joining us on this trip 😦  I really wish she would come, but she wont..*huff*  It’s gonna be so strange being there without her… :/  So there will be no Oogie Boogie pictures…  Oh well we have next October, and I really can’t wait for that trip! X)!!


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