Walt Disney Family Museum…

Today my Bestie and I went to the Walt Disney Family museum in the Presidio, SF.  I’ve been wanting to see this since it opened.  We first went to Japan Town to look around and eat, then hopped on a taxi to get there early just incase.  It’s very plain from the outside, there’s just a few signs.

Here’s me by a sign at the entrance:

Hand Stamp:

I don’t have any pictures inside, because photography isn’t allowed.  There was so much to look at, read, listen, and watch in there, its crazy!  It was very personal, and made me smile.  There really isn’t much for kids to do, some of the kids in there seemed kind of bored.  Make sure you have a lot time time to be able to read through all 10 galleries and if you’re like us, and hate driving to SF, taxi from bart is really convenient.  I really enjoyed it, and it made me want to go to Disneyland once more before the end of the year which my friend was not too enthusiastic about 🙂

If you ever get the chance to see this Museum, Take it!… It’s full of awesomeness!

My Souvies:



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